You’re on the way to creating financial freedom through commercial real estate.

Access Your Bonuses

Bonus 1

The Passive Investor's Guide to MHP Investing

We’ll give you compelling data to consider on mobile home park investing, which has better risk-adjusted returns than stocks and bonds, and tax advantages not available to traditional investments.

Bonus 2

21 Mistakes New Mobile Home Park Investors Make

I’ve seen inexperienced investors make some truly terrible mistakes that have cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars. My ebook digs deep into some of these common mistakes—helping you avoid them, and cutting years off your learning curve. Trust me, you want this.

Bonus 3

Mobile Home Park
Deal Analyzer

My Mobile Home Parks Deal Analyzer is a very simple, very useful interactive spreadsheet that enables you to quickly analyze any real estate deal that comes across your desk—so you can quickly decide if the deal is worth your time… in 10 minutes or less.

Bonus 4

The Passive Investor's Guide to Parking Lot Profits

This report is designed to provide you with a thought-provoking look at an under-the-radar, commercial real estate investment niche, along with essential data and facts to help you decide if this is an asset class you should have in your portfolio.

Bonus 5

Letter of Intent

Drafting a letter of intent can be tricky: while it does have legal ramifications, the letter isn’t always a legally binding document. Let me share with you our standard LOI section by section so you know where the legal landmines are buried. Customize it to make your own – and there will be nothing holding you back from making an offer on your next great deal.

Bonus 6

Cold Call

To be effective, cold calling scripts must successfully intrigue sales prospects. They need to reflect your calling objective and enable you to make a personal connection, manage objectives, and initiate a call to action with sales prospects. Get this in your toolbox.

Bonus 7

2+ Hour Video
training on due diligence

Take a peek behind the scenes in this extensive 2+ hour video where Kevin performs onsite due diligence in a community we ultimately purchased. This mobile home park tour walks through a deal that ended up generating a 24% annualized return to our investors. 

Bonus 8

Due Diligence checklist and template

A great Due Diligence Checklist saves time and money, mitigates risk, and can even improve the image of your company. Our 663-point checklist is spread across 22-categories and can save you enormous headaches before taking the plunge to purchase a mobile home park.

Bonus 9

Purchase and Sales Agreement Template (save $ on attorneys)

Lastly, download my Purchase & Sales Agreement (PSA) template. Customize this template and make it your own—so now, there’s nothing holding you back from finalizing your next great deal.

What's Next?

Kevin is pleased to announce that his investment company, Sunrise Capital Investors will be launching a new fund on May 10th of this year. Building on the success of the previous three funds, Kevin is expanding into the compelling market of build-to-rent (BTR). Unlike most BTR funds, this fund does not intend to sell off the assets in a few years, but hold them in perpetuity, thus delivering investors truly passive income for life.