I want to help you generate Cash Flow & Legacy Wealth through Commercial Real Estate Investing

I want to help you generate Cash Flow & Legacy Wealth through Commercial Real Estate Investing

Create Financial Freedom Investing in Commercial Real Estate

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About Kevin Bupp

I have been an entrepreneur all my life.

It almost seems too idyllic to admit, but it all began with a paper route when I was 12. Once I’d gotten a good taste of making money for myself, I moved on to a far more profitable endeavor: buying, selling, and installing automobile electronics out of my parent’s garage at 14. Thankfully, my parents have always supported my enthusiasm, even when the most well-laid plans went astray.

On March 20th, 2010, I married the love of my life, Joanna, and we live happily together with our two amazing sons, Jackson and Julian. Through all of my ventures, I try to stay as physically fit and mentally active as possible. I’ve run several half and full marathons, and I enjoy competing in triathlons and cycling events to keep in top condition. 

I love outdoor sports like boating, fishing, hiking, white-water rafting, surf skiing, and snowboarding, and whenever possible, my family and I travel together. I’m an incurable autodidact; I read two or more books a month and attend seminars and training sessions throughout the year to keep my brain sharp and my ideas rolling. I am also a self-proclaimed craft beer and bourbon aficionado.

I love life. I love my family, and my friends. I love meeting new people and taking calculated risks and inspiring growth. I love that my upbringing gave me the ability to pick myself up after a fall. Passion is the key, I think. Without it, ideas die before they have a chance to thrive, people don’t start their own businesses, and success remains a speck on the horizon.

About The Book

Whether you’ve got previous real estate experience or are just getting started, know that commercial investing is very accessible and much easier than most people think. My goal is to boil down the topic of commercial investing into easily digestible concepts.  

This book covers the fundamentals of commercial real estate, the practical aspect of the business, and how you can get started on your journey—what your next steps are and why. I also share some very special bonuses including my Top 5 Most Profitable Asset Classes to invest in. 

This book is set up to be a guide full of practical information to help you succeed. While it’s very comprehensive, the commercial real estate investing industry is too big to encompass everything in just this one book. So my hope is that you use this as a stepping stone into the world of commercial real estate and it helps you find your path to financial freedom through cash flow investing. 

Ask Kevin

Your Questions Help Contribute to Our Tribe

I want to help you, and help as many people as possible, generate cash flow & legacy wealth through commercial real estate investing. So if you have questions, feel free to reach out to me below. This is an opportunity for you to ask me questions about your specific situation.

“Ask Kevin” is truly my way of giving back and connecting with the awesome tribe that we have built here, so I’d love to connect and try to help you out. 

I can address these questions on my podcast, Real Estate Investing For Cash Flow. I guarantee that many people who listen to the show are facing the same exact challenges. Together, we can provide real value to thousands of listeners in the Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow Tribe who tune in every week!

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