#278: How to Acquire and Convert Distressed Real Estate Notes Into Cash Flowing Assets – with Scott Carson

Scott is the founder and CEO of WeCloseNotes.com and is known across the country as the “Note Guy”. He’s been a full-time real estate investor for over 16 years now with his sole focus being on buying distressed notes and mortgages.

And to add some additional context, we recorded this interview on June 2nd. I mention this as we discuss the current state of the pandemic as well as what he and his team are doing to prepare for the distress coming in the foreseeable future.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What shifts he has made in his business to adapt to the changing times.
  • What opportunities exist today in the distressed note space and how to take advantage of them.
  • How to build relationships with banks and lenders in order to gain access to their distressed debt that needs to be unloaded
  • The massive wave of distressed opportunities that are coming about in the CMBS space and how to capitalize on them.
  • And much more

Scott’s Website: Click Here

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