#299: Asset Classes, Collections, the Pandemic, and so much more! -with Charles Carillo

This week’s episode of the Real Estate Investing for Cashflow Podcast features Charles Carillo. Charles Carillo is a licensed Florida real estate professional; an Eagle Scout and he first became a multifamily real estate investor in 2006. He is originally from a small town in Connecticut and moved to Florida in 2012. 

While he was growing up, his father owned dozens of commercial and multifamily properties that he self-managed with a small team. This experience was priceless in shaping his future business and real estate investing career. 

During college he started an online payment business that took him to dozens of countries in Europe and Asia to meet partners and clients, forging his passion for traveling. He ran his online business full-time until 2016 when he decided to switch his focus to his real estate investing company. It forced him to hire assistants and start delegating tasks for both businesses. This transformed both companies by freeing up valuable time that could now be used for “high value” activities. 

Unlike other real estate investors that take a “hands-off” approach to property management, he self-managed his properties for years before hiring his first professional management company. During that time, he learned the intricacies of dealing with; tenants, contractors, superintendents, brokers, lenders, and attorneys. He purchased and renovated multifamily properties; some completely vacant and turned them into profitable investments that he still owns today. 

In 2016, he founded Harborside Partners, a real estate syndication company that offers other active investors and passive investors alike, the ability to partner with him and purchase larger, more profitable assets. Currently, he has invested in over 250 units, worth over $25 million. He has designed an easy to navigate website that delivers volumes of free education along with a blog that features educational articles and the latest real estate news. 

Additionally, he hosts a real estate investing podcast called Global Investors Podcast. After years of traveling the world for work, he realized that there were many foreign investors who were interested in investing in U.S real estate but did not know how to go about it. His podcast focuses on international (and U.S investors alike) looking to invest into cash flowing U.S real estate and features detailed essential information in interview format from; attorneys, active investors, passive investors, syndicators, bankers, brokers, real estate professionals, etc. who work with the U.S and international investors. 

For international investors looking to be set up in the U.S to invest, he’s able to walk you through the process and direct you to the correct professionals to make the process as simple as possible. 


“Just by pulling knowledge off and a couple of hours online, you can really figure out and kind of see the growth of different areas and compare it to the U.S. average and then compare it to other areas that you’ve invested in and then kind of figure out your plan.” 

“We like long term debt and we like doing it with pretty substantial solid reserves. And, that allows us to go in and be confident when we’re working on the property, value-adding on the property, and we have a business plan that we can execute on and that will meet or exceed our expectations on the property.” 


3:47- Charles tells us about his background and his business 

13:08- Charles tells us how he identifies markets outside of his area 

16:54- Charles discusses if he’d consider investing in Orlando based on the current state of the pandemic 

28:36- Charles speaks about management inefficiencies with properties 

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