#300: Multifamily Investing, Partners, and So Much More! – with Mike Vann

Mike’s early real estate experience comes from the family construction business where he worked his way through college and was able to gain the skills necessary to manage all aspects of construction and project management. After college, Mike entered the corporate world and has had a successful 20+ year career in Medical Sales with the last 15 years spent in the Medical Device Industry. This unique combination of skill sets served him well as he built a personal real estate portfolio of over $6M across multiple asset classes while working full time. He enjoys educating people on real estate investment and has been featured on multiple podcasts and speaks at local REI meetups. Mike currently lives in Springfield, MO with his wife Aline and their two children. He enjoys spending time with family, hunting, fishing, and snow skiing. Mike has a heart for mission work and believes that “We are blessed to be a blessing to others”. He lives this out through serving others locally, nationally, and internationally. 


“Having such a long solo investment career, you get used to making all the decisions, and making them quickly and decisively and not having to discuss and walk through them with anyone. Which, can be good and bad. If you make decisions on your own, you don’t have someone to bounce it off of and you can prone to mistakes whereas partners give you that option.” 

“Especially in today’s COVID world, stay persistent, and don’t give up. Both of my last two deals took us 6 and 9 months just to get to an LLI stage, so especially with everything going on right now, keep your eyes on the prize, stay persistent, keep trudging ahead, and don’t give up.” 


4:20- Mike’s background and how he found his way to multifamily investing 

10:30- Mike shares some of the challenges he faced when bringing on partners and how he overcame them 

13:51- Mike talks about how he and his partners work together 

27:17- Mike tells us what assets are trading at in today’s world 

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Learn About Investment and Partnership Opportunities with Kevin and His Team 

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