#308: Insurance Claims, Public Adjustors, and Much More! -with Kyle Herring

Kyle Herring is a public adjuster and partner at Strategic Claims Consultants. Kyle has nearly 2 decades of experience as a public adjuster and has worked on major disasters across the country. This is one of those topics that a lot of investors don’t think about until disaster strikes. I think we can all agree, owning investment property is a great thing when things are going well, but what happens if your precious investment property sustains major damage or a complete loss? In today’s show, Kyle and I will discuss how to successfully navigate the claims process should you encounter an unfortunate loss to your investment property.  



“100% of the time we can get you more money than your private insurance adjuster can. Just like you wouldn’t send your 1099 to the IRS and ask how much your taxes are, it’s the same with insurance. You need to tell them this is my benefit; this is my claim.” 

“Don’t be penny-wise and dollar foolish. A few dollars saved on premiums could cost you tens of thousands on the backend whenever you actually need it to come to fruition.” 


4:00- Kyle shares his background and talks about his firm and what they do 

9:50- Kyle tells us what the important aspects are of hiring a public adjuster 

15:55- Kyle gives interview tips for hiring and adjustor and tells what red flags you should look for  

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