#310: Transitioning into Real Estate, How to Progress, and So Much More! -with Clayton Morris

Clayton Morris is a real estate investor and top iTunes podcaster.

Clayton is a former FOX News Anchor who left the #1 cable news show in the world after achieving financial freedom through real estate investing. Through his Financial Freedom Academy, Clayton now devotes himself to helping others build passive income and achieve financial freedom like he did using methods he had to learn the hard way.



“If you’re just getting started, there are a million and one different ways to make money in real estate. Pick one lane, and stick with it. Master it.”

“You’re going to make mistakes. There are people that are going to do bad things to you. All of this is part of the learning process. If you know that going into it, that there are going to be speedbumps, and your job is just to plow through them. If you let any one of those little speed bumps get in your way, then you will never get there. If this were easy, then everyone will do it.”


5:16- Clayton shares his background and how he transitioned into real estate

9:55- Clayton talks about the progression steps for transitioning into real estate

16:45- Clayton talks about what markets they are focused on with new construction

22:26- Clayton shares what pricing and financing options are available for buyers

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