#313: Selling Deals, Making a Name for Yourself, and So Much More! -with Philip Morgan

Philip Morgan is the CEO of the Morgan Group.

As Chief Executive Officer, Philip is responsible for leading MORGAN’s strategic planning and growth across all business activities, including development, acquisitions, construction, and property management.

Since joining MORGAN, Philip has been involved in the development and acquisitions of over 7,000 units at a cost exceeding $1.8B in Texas, Arizona, California, Colorado, and Florida. Prior to joining MORGAN, Philip co-founded BlueRoot Partners to take advantage of opportunities to acquire distressed real estate assets in Texas.

Philip holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania.


“It’s really tough to do what we do and it’s only getting tougher. So, when you have something great, it can be tough to part with and you take a new risk every time you start over. “

“In hindsight, I see that a lot of people put pressure on themselves for their first job out of school or their first couple jobs out of school, what they want to do with their lives. And, I think there is nothing more important than finding great mentors and something that you have a passion for.”


3:34- Philip shares his background

8:49- Philip talks about the founding of the Morgan Group

17:53- Philip talks about the markets today that he is most excited about

19:27- Philip talks about collection trends in the industry

23:09- Philip shares if there will be any shifts in developmental models for the future

26:48- Philip talks about a challenging deal that he’s dealt with

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