#315: Commercial Real Estate, Developers, and So Much More! -with Dick Anagnost

Dick Anagnost is the president and CEO of Anagnost Investment Group.

Dick has been recognized as a transformational leader and a dynamic force in the ongoing renaissance of Manchester, New Hampshire as he continues on his mission to revitalize the state’s largest city and change its skyline.

Dick has over 40 years of demonstrated achievements in industrial, commercial, residential, and land development. Through a public-private partnership with the city, he spearheaded the conversion of more than 40 significant properties in the downtown and renowned Millyard districts.


“A lot of people are known as real estate developers, but they really aren’t developers. What they are, is they’re following a mold or a trend that developers have set.”

“Real estate is a commodity like anything else. It’s definitely going to go up at some point, but it’s also definitely going to come down at some point.”


4:01- Dick talks about his background and how he made his way into the commercial real estate space

10:41- Dick tells us when he decided to get into the development side of the business and step into real estate full time

13:59- Dick talks about if he had mentors that helped him to learn the ropes

17:48- Dick shares challenges that he has faced with his business

20:51- Dick gives his opinion on if the pandemic will bring any new opportunities to New Hampshire

26:31- Dick tells us about challenges he has faced due to the pandemic

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