#316: Getting Started, Doing it All, Pandemic Impacts, and So Much More! -with Darin Garmin

Darin Garman is the president of Heartland Investment Group.

Darin is a published author, former bank owner, and currently owns and manages a $50+ million-dollar portfolio. He is widely recognized as one of America’s top “Go to Guys” for all things multi-family investing. His experience spans more than 30 years and is hyper-focused on investments in the Heartland region of America.


“What I tell people when they’re trying to get into their first investment properties, is I really encourage them to do a lot of the management themselves. At least for maybe the first year or two. Because, after you do that, to your point, the experience is invaluable in knowing what you need to know to be a really good manager/owner/investor moving forward. “

“There is not going to be any such thing as a perfect property. Even the most perfect property you look into buying, you will find a surprise or a few surprises here and there. However, you also want a certain set of criteria. That criteria isn’t necessarily etched in stone that you can’t waiver from that at all, but on the other hand you just can’t waiver from it too much just to get a deal done.”


1:34- Darin shares his background and how he found himself in real estate

7:35- Darin talks about the benefits that he gained long term from doing every job in the beginning

10:28- Darin gives his opinion on how the pandemic will impact the office space

12:44- Darin shares pricing differences he’s seen in his area in multi-family housing since last April

20:05- Darin talks about the most challenging deals he’s had

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