#322: Pandemic Impacts, Retail, Hospitality, and So Much More! -with Ray Alcorn

Ray Alcorn is a real estate expert and president of Park Commercial Real Estate.

Ray has extensive experience in business and real estate development, including hotels, restaurants, single- and multi-family housing, shopping centers, and office buildings. He is responsible for the overall direction of the Company, and the development and implementation of the Company’s strategic plan.


“To me, there are four prices in the macroeconomy that matter. The first one on the list is the US dollar. Believe it or not, everything we do from wages to what we pay for a head of lettuce at the grocery store is tied to the value of the dollar.”

“Some of the failures taught the best lessons. Life is supposed to be accumulative. That means you’re going to make mistakes and the real sad part is if you don’t learn the lesson that mistake holds.”


1:56- Ray shares his background and how he got into the real estate space

8:55- Ray talks about how his business is doing and gives his opinion on other businesses in light of the pandemic

21:50- Ray talks about retail assets and what the future looks like in his eyes

30:42- Ray talks about his venture in hospitality

41:17- Ray shares what he’s doing to prepare for opportunities that may arise from the pandemic

45:03- Ray talks about his most challenging deal and how he got through it

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