#323: Ground Leasing, Secure Investing, Generational Wealth Building, and So Much More! -with Steven Waldman

Steven Waldman is a real estate and ground lease expert. 

Steven is the founder and president of Ground Lease Capital Partners, LLC; a national leader in Acquiring, Originating, and Investing in Ground Lease transactions as well as an Advisor to Institutional Investors who are seeking exposure to this asset class.  

Prior to founding Ground Lease Capital Partners, LLC, Steven was the Co-Founder of Spectrum Advisors, a family of companies consisting of a Mezzanine Fund, a Title Insurance Agent, and a 1031 Exchange company, where he represented both High Net Worth and Institutional Investors in the acquisition of Ground Leases and Lease Hold positions. In this capacity, Steven successfully transacted over $700 million in acquisitions for his clients 


“The ground has separate interest so the leaseholder can buy, sell, or keep as long as they like, and really the same goes for the ground.”

“What you’re really buying here is a super secured stream of income.”

“The beautiful thing about a ground lease is that if something goes wrong at a leasehold level with your tenant, you don’t have to foreclose and go through a lengthy process, you evict. Because it’s a lease and there is no landlord responsibilities to operate anything so there is nothing that the tenant can claim that the landlord did or didn’t do.”


1:58- Steven shares his background and how he got into the real estate space

4:09- Steven gives insight about where the capital comes from on the ground lease side

5:44- Steven shares the type of debt that is available for a ground lease today

6:45- Steven clarifies the type of assets that ground leases are under

9:42- Steven talks about the typical yields today In ground leasing

13:08- Steven shares the most challenging deal he’s done and what he learned from it

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