#328: Multifamily, Syndication, Rent Growth, and So Much more! -with Bill Ham

Bill Ham a is real estate investment expert.

Bill is the Chief Operating Officer and the driving force behind Broadwell Property Group. He has upwards of 20 years’ experience in the Real Estate investment world with a proven track record of identifying, acquiring, operating, and divesting large footprint Multifamily Housing.


“The cap rate compression is too great at the moment. We are looking for a good deal like everyone else and we’re going to sit tight until we find one.”

“One of the biggest mistakes I’m seeing people do right now is to really just buy into this ‘the rent is below market’ conversation. I am strongly cautioning everyone against that. What I’m seeing are the people that are basically mathematically looking at a deal and saying this is not a good deal mathematically speaking, but that’s okay because I can raise the rent and as soon as I raise the rent this will be a good deal.”


1:27- Bill talks about his background and how he got into real estate

5:56- Bill gives his opinion if things are a little too frothy right now and if he’s concerned that something may happen to impact pricing

12:00- Bill talks about core cycles and where they pertain to

14:20- Bill shares his investment strategy in the ‘COVID world’

17:05- Bill talks about some tactics that he wrote about in his book

23:25- Bill talks about what he’s doing at this point in time to prepare for a potential future recession

26:59- Bill shares his most challenging deal and what he learned from it

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