#330: Industry Trends, Hotel Conversions, and Adaptability During the Pandemic! -with Mike Zlotnik

Business Coaching by Mike Zlotnik – TF Management Group LLC

Mike Zlotnik is a real estate investment expert.

Beginning his career in Information Technology, Mike successfully managed many aspects of this business sector such as Risk, Business Intelligence, and Quality of complex systems, software, and processes.

However, after 15 years in IT, Mike knew his passion lied within the Real Estate Investment space due to its predictability of outcome and well-understood risks. Mike dove headfirst into real estate in 2000 and now holds the title of CEO at TF Management Group. Under his leadership, the company has seen transformation and growth, delivering strong returns for the fund investors. 


The strengths of the openended fund [are that] you can keep raising capital on a periodic basis quarterly and you can keep making investments and reinvest capital that comes back from the files. Its got its positives. One of the major negatives with any openended fund is mark to market on however often you raise capitalyouve got to be able to value the portfolio. Its called mark to market concept.”

One thing I can tell you [is] that when you mix growth and income strategies, the growth projects create tax efficiency and it creates yield drags on the income projects. So mixing growth and income projects in the same fund has a little bit of that tax efficiency a little bit of yield drag as the result.”


02:23 Mike Gives us an overview of his background in realestate

04:29 Mike tells us what TF Management Group does, what they fund, and who they invest with.

05:38 Mike gives comparisons between openended/evergreen funds and closedend funds as well as the types of assets in each.

07:40 Mike gives us Examples of opportunities and assets in their most recent funds.

13:54  Mike talks about the process behind hotel to multifamily conversions!

21:40 Mike tells us what he thinks about the future of the hospitality space.

26:47 Mike speaks about business strategies during the pandemic.

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