#333: Tech & Real Estate, The Future of Traditional Office Spaces, and So Much More! -with Jonathan Wasserstrum

Jonathan Wasserstrum is a real estate tech expert, and CEO and Co-Founder of SquareFoot.

Founding Squarefoot in 2011, it poses as a new kind of commercial real estate company by helping other businesses find their next office space. It leverages technological innovation and human expertise to solve clients’ needs and help guide them from initial inquiry to lease signing and beyond. The platform now features more than 300,000 office listings, 5,000 new listings monthly, and over 1,300 leases executed to date.

Jonathan previously worked in the International Capital Group at Jones Lang LaSalle where he advised foreign and domestic clients on more than $3 billion worth of transactions globally.


“We have in-house teams of brokers in every market we cover to actually shepherd our clients through the process.”

“We are not a listing site, we are a tech and able brokerage…we just believe that tech and transparency make that leasing process 100x better than any alternative.”


02:17 – Jonathan gives us an overview of how he got started with Squarefoot.

06:35 – Jonathan gives Kevin a behind-the-scenes look at Squarefoot and how they operate as compared to typical brokerage, consulting, and cold calling.

08:54 – Jonathan tells us who his ideal clients are.

09:40 – Jonathan hones in on Squarefoot’s plans moving forward.

12:12  – Jonathan provides his perspective on the future of office spaces in the wake of the pandemic.

19:18 – Jonathan talks about the pandemic and its impacts on the markets his company finds itself in.

22:77 – Jonathan talks about what it was like growing a tech brokerage and some of the most challenging aspects aside from covid.

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