#334: Management Technology, Portfolio Expansion, Getting Started in Real Estate, and So Much More! -with Kent Ritter

Kent Ritter is a real estate + multifamily expert, and a Senior Director for Birge & Held.

Kent co-leads the Private Select Portfolio within Birge & Held and specializes in many of its social, economical, and analytical facets in order for it to run smoothly. He has a passion for how technology can change multifamily investing and is spearheading the adoption of PropTech across the portfolio.

Kent is also a leader in the multifamily space. He hosts a podcast titled Ritter on Real Estate, where he untangles complex topics to empower others to invest. Additionally, he hosts a monthly multifamily investor networking event and has been a featured speaker at many industry conferences and podcasts.

Prior to joining Birge & Held, Kent was a successful real estate investor with a multimillion-dollar portfolio. And before falling in love with real estate, Kent spent 12 years as a management consultant.


In regard to the markets his company is attracted to: “Job growth and rent growth are correlated 1:1… we like job growth, job diversity, and job diversity among jobs that are non-cyclical…if you look at Birge and Held’s entire portfolio, we are in cities like Indianapolis, Columbus Ohio, Minneapolis.. these cities all share common traits: there’s a huge healthcare base, there’s a huge higher education base.”

“The goal is to create efficiencies in these smaller properties that usually wouldn’t exist.”

“Just get started, real estate is the right place to be…and then improve through iteration, don’t expect to be perfect the first time.”


02:19 – Kent dives into his background in business making, real estate investing, building his portfolio, and consulting.

09:55 – Kent gives us insight into being a senior director at Birge and Held as well as running his own subsidiary, Private Select, at the company.

15:03 – Kent gives us a general sense of the underlying fundamentals of tertiary markets and the types of markets attracts his company.

18:24 – Kent tells us about the expansion of Birge and Held’s portfolio.

22:00 – Kent goes through his thoughts on technology and how that plays in the efficiency of managing smaller properties.

38:40 – Kent talks about two barriers he’s met when getting into the industry.

49:00 – Kent offers listeners his two golden nugget pieces of advice for those who are pursuing their own real estate investment careers.

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Kent’s Podcast: Kent on Real Estate


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