#337: Blockchain, The New Future of Asset Classes, Hospitality Investments, and So Much More! -with Stephane De Baets

Stephane De Baets is a real estate, hospitality, and blockchain expert.

Stephane is a Belgian investment, real estate, and hospitality entrepreneur. He has 20 years of experience in asset management, financial structuring, and M&A. Currently, Stephane is the founder and president of the international asset management firm, Elevated Returns, which controls commercial properties transnationally.

As a pioneer in blockchain-based real estate, Stephane and his firm have facilitated the first major commercial real estate transaction using blockchain technology to sell ownership stakes in the Aspen St. Regis Resort.



“…what we realized along the way, we realized that the world of commercial hospitality investing is really very incestuous. You have only a couple of players that really know each other and it’s a special investment club.”

“…we kind of looked and said: why isn’t there a democratic way for people to buy a piece of ownership of the asset that they love?”


02:09 – Stephane offers us insight into his background, how he got into investing and the real estate space, and how he got involved in blockchain.

05:26 – Stephane dissects what it means for consumers and merchants to use blockchain for asset investments.

07:19 – Stephane discusses the primary reasons behind going down the blockchain route.

09:54 – Stephane gives us his thoughts on the future of the hospitality space in a post-COVID world.

11:53 Stephane tells us what his firm anticipates around distress purchase and future opportunity.

13:30 – Stephane tells us the challenges and thoughts behind tech and blockchain becoming a widespread tool.

17:06 Stephane tells us his ideas on the use of blockchain.

18:48 – Stephane talks about the secondary market for those who want to sell off their fractional piece.

20:18 – Stephane gives an overview of projects Elevated Returns is working on.

22:45 –  Stephane tells us the regulatory risks and downsides associated with Blockchain and security token in the U.S.

24:12 – Stephane gives a prediction of the security token space in 10 years.

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