#341: Producing Yield, Sourcing Deals, Creative Strategies, and So Much More! -with Michael Becker

Michael Becker is a Multifamily Syndicator and the Principal of SPI Advisory LLC. At SPI, Michael oversees all aspects of property operations, including asset management, property management oversight, accounting and taxation, capital improvement and renovation projects, and investor relations.

Michael is also a veteran in the Commercial Real Estate Banker with 15 years in the industry. During this time, he originated and managed numerous portfolios of permanent and bridge loans in all major asset classes.

“The single biggest mistake I made which I don’t think is quite the same risk today as what it was when I got started is that we took a lot of long-term fixed-rate mortgages that had yield maintenance or pre-pays on them…what I thought would be an asset to my situation really became a liability.”

“The only thing that I’ve learned through this business is that everything is always changing. So if you came and asked me the same question a few years from now, I’ll probably have a different spin from what I’m talking to you about right now.”


02:42 – Michael recaps the past year with SPI and its operations.

07:05 – Michael discusses the challenges of getting SPI staffed.

09:10 – Michael tells listeners about markets and investment risks.

11:16 – Michael talks about the common mistakes new syndicators make getting started in the multifamily investment space.

13:40 – Michael gives his thoughts on strategies around loans, debts, and properties.

16:30 – Michael provides us with details on SPI’s newest developments and raising capital.

21:35 – Michael offers his thoughts on the net migration in Austin over the upcoming years.

22:57 – Michael tells us other spaces he puts his money into.

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