#342: Tiny Homes, Opportunity Zones, Market Demand and So Much More! -with Ryan Scott

Ryan Scott is a Serial Entrepreneur and Real Estate Expert.

Early in Ryan’s career, he was a consultant for Accenture and IBM. There he developed strong affinities for the overlapping importance of shrewd investing and disruptive technology. Here’s he parlayed this experience into his successful rental management group called, Aspire Fund.


“If you take Flagstaff, there’s a crazy housing shortage not unlike elsewhere…even with what’s going on in the market now,  there just simply isn’t enough affordable housing and if there is affordable housing it’s not somewhere people are as proud to live. So f we look at housing needs you know sub 150K…that’s a good indication.”

“The other path we didn’t talk about today which I’m happy to chat about with folks is the shipping container home space, and that’s another angle of innovative affordable housing kind of like tiny homes—and not just parts but multifamily.”


01:40 – Ryan tells listeners how he got into the real estate space.

06:23 – Ryan discusses Aspire Fund and what they do.

07:36 – Ryan talks about Aspire Fund’s business model for tiny homes.

10:07 – Ryan talks about his fund’s operations for Airbnb.

12:32 – Ryan provides insight into budgets and price points for tiny homes.

16: 18 – Ryan discusses the type of debt that’s available today.

21:00- Ryan dives into the challenges of scaling his business model and gauging a new market.

24:02 – Ryan breaks down outsourcing and management.

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