#351: Healthcare investments, Medical Offices, and Commercial Assets! – with Trisha Talbot

Trisha Talbot is a real estate and healthcare expert.

As a Managing Director of Newmarke, she advises healthcare providers and real estate investors. She specializes in investments by consulting her clients throughout the sales process with comprehensive strategies on pricing, market fluctuations, and solutions to close transactions.

She also helps healthcare providers in establishing real estate portfolio strategies aligned with their corporate goals. Together with her team, landlords benefit through stabilizing their property with leasing then monetizing their assets.

As the host of the Providers, Properties, and Performance podcast, she focuses on the possibilities and future of healthcare and commercial real estate.


“I will tell you, cap rates for medical office buildings are incredibly aggressive and incredibly low…because people are looking to place their money in a resilient asset class that is unlikely to fluctuate.”

“…what I see is (investors saying) ‘okay I want to get into medical office’ without really understanding what it takes–where the lease rates need to be, how you need to manage it from  operating expense standpoint as well as really understanding the property before you buy it.”


01:43 – Trisha tells listeners about her background in real estate and health care.

05:15 – Trisha discusses the impact of the pandemic on healthcare real estate.

11:40 – Trisha gives listeners her thoughts on physician sale lease-back strategies.

14:57 – Trisha describes what bigger health care property investments look like.

18:35  – Trisha talks about the property to healthcare conversions.

21:35 –  Trisha speaks about the more common mistakes that owners make with their properties.

24:04 – Trisha talks about the most difficult transactions that she’s been involved in.

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