#414: Rent Growth, Business Models, Underwriting, and so much more!- with Brad Sumrok

Brad Sumrok is a Real Estate and Multifamily Investment Expert.

Brad is a nationally known educator and mentor in the multifamily investment space. Getting his feet wet back in 2002, he has since owned over 8,000 apartment units throughout 11 US markets. In addition to his own investment endeavors, Brad has taught thousands the proven, time-tested essentials of how to profitably invest in Apartments buildings and find their fast path to retirement and passive income through his rat race to retirement training program.


“The way we are underwriting deals will be different than three months from today.”

“We not using double-digit rent growth in any underwriting, but what we are doing is getting ahold of industry data…there’s a whole variety of multifamily data that can be very down to the one-mile circle around your property.”


02:18 – Brad tells listeners more about his background in real estate.

07:05 – Brad dissects his first real estate deal. 

15:14 – Brad discusses his thoughts on modern business models and insight from his mentors.

23:46 – Brad talks about rent growth, underwriting opportunities, and projections.

29:00 – Brad provides insight into how he guides his students through rent projections and underwriting.

32:04 – Brad discusses the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war on real estate.

34:46 – Brad dives into what he’s excited about outside of real estate.

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