#441 Finding Your Tax Flow Using a Deferred Sales Trust

Brett Swartz  is the founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions and is considered one of the nation’s most well-rounded experts when it comes to Capital Gains Tax Deferral, which should be top of mind as we are recording this on April 18th, the deadline for 2021 tax returns and if you had a good 2021 in real estate and didn’t have a solid tax plan in place, you probably find yourself stroking a big check to the Uncle Sam.  

In addition to running his business, Brett is also the host of the capital gains tax solutions podcast and somehow still has the time to be a great husband to his beautiful wife Melanie and father to 5 incredible children.


“Cash flow is important but I’d say it’s even more important to have a tax flow plan in place.”


05:20: The difference between cash flow and tax flow

07:20: What is a deferred sales trust? 

09:30: How 1031 exchanges differ from a deferred sales trust

12:55: Using DST on your cryptocurrency investments

16:20: Why unique tax strategies can help you make a pivot in your life and investments

19:22: Diversification of your investments using DSTs

21:40: How your risk questionnaire impacts your investments

25:00: Using a DST for an assignment deal

26:25: Determining if a DST is a legitimate strategy for them

29:45: Eliminating estate taxes using a deferred sales trust

Guest Website: https://capitalgainstaxsolutions.com/

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