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#450 Finding Retail Opportunities in Today’s Market

Todd Nepola is the president and founder of Current Capital Group, a real estate investment and development firm based in Miami FL.  

Todd follows three generations of real estate investors and developers of commercial real estate. His paternal great-grandfather came to Manhattan from Italy in 1899. He was a superintendent for over 40 years responsible for building the Holland tunnel and several of Manhattan’s subway lines. Mr. Nepola’s grandfather and father also were real estate investors and developers. 

After graduating from the University of South Florida with a degree in finance, Todd decided to follow in his family’s footsteps and started acquiring investment properties and developing properties for himself. 


“The bank is your partner and they want someone that’s good. When the bank knows they have a client who’s going to pay their dues, they’ll lend to you.” 


04:55: Why Todd is buying retail properties right now 

07:15: Who is competing for retail spaces in the current market

08:45: How to deal with improperly listed properties

12:42: Navigating current market volatility in capital markets

15:30: How sellers are adjusting their expectations

18:55: The role a possible recession will play for those who have bridge loans

22:35: What Todd has learned from the deals he didn’t do

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