#453 What You Need to Know About Student Housing

Our guest for this week’s show is real estate investment expert & serial developer, Patrick Nelson. Patrick is a real estate investor and developer operating 18 student-housing properties at university campuses nationally. 

He and his team at Nelson Partners believe that well-positioned housing for students near campus can leverage the economic stability of a major university and cater to demand with less volatility than the macro-economy. His strategy is to target the well-located properties within walking distance of growing universities that fit within the company’s proprietary buying model. 

In particular, the company will emphasize value-added opportunities, targeting well-located properties that can be upgraded from extensive renovations with a more contemporary look and feel. The key will be to make cost-effective improvements that students could potentially be willing to pay a higher premium for; helping to raise rents, grow income and appreciate property value. 


“This is how you make money in real estate, in my opinion: the word is arbitrage.”


08:45: Overcoming inefficiencies with student housing real estate

13:15: How the difference between college campuses impacts real estate opportunities

15:15: The biggest risk in student housing

19:00: Why walkability is one of the most important indicators of success

21:22: Vertical integration in student housing

23:00: The surprising way that parking garages can help student mental health

28:51: What student housing and multi-family have in common

32:25: Patrick’s advice about project management

37:00: The changes in student housing due to COVID

42:45: Protection from barriers to entry

Guest Website: https://nelsonpartners.com/

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