#456 How Industrial Real Estate is Adapting to Today’s Market

Chad Griffiths is an Industrial Real Estate Expert who has more than 16 years of experience in industrial real estate and has completed over 500 transactions with clients ranging from local companies to large institutional owners. Chad has been a top 15 producer country-wide since 2013 and is a partner with his local firm. In addition to earning SIOR and CCIM designations, Chad has a Diploma in Urban Land Economics from UBC and an MBA from Thompson Rivers University. Chad has given numerous interviews locally and nationally regarding the commercial real estate market and has had articles published in Forbes, Western Investor, and Real Estate Magazine. 


“There are always reasons to not do something in real estate. But you have to accept some element of risk. Even doing nothing comes with an element of risk.


04:25: How buyers and sellers are navigating today’s turbulent waters 

08:55: Making sense of investments with the uncertain future of the market

11:30: Conversations the industry is having about making new deals

13:20: Impacts to industrial real estate as a result of a potential drop in eCommerce sales

17:25: The risks of oversupply and overbuilding in industrial

21:20: How Amazon is dealing with changes in the real estate market

25:35: Considerations Chad recommends investors take before moving forward with a deal

27:05: Impacts the war in Ukraine is having on industrial real estate

31:05: Chad’s advice for investors today

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