#465 Finding Unique Investment Opportunities in Latin America

This week we’re talking with investment expert Josh Ziegelbaum. Josh currently serves as Director of Investor Relations at Legacy Group and is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He is responsible for managing investor communications, onboarding, individual and commercial clients, as well as overall support of company initiatives. The dynamic work experience Josh has gained throughout his career gives him a unique perspective on both sales and operations.


Most of our investors are heavily invested domestically and with everything going on globally investors are looking for other markets to diversify.


06:20: Josh discusses opening up investment opportunities in Latin America for US-based investors

09:25: Common objections investors may have when putting assets in a foreign country 

13:40: Unique risks associated with investing in agricultural assets such as coffee production

16:25: The social and environmental impact of Green Coffee Company

Guest Website: https://legacy-group.co/

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