#516 Leveraging Property Management and Navigating Challenging Assets

Kyle Stephonson is the president and owner of KRS Holdings, a real estate investment and property management firm that manages more than 4000 units across the commonwealth of Virginia.   

Kyle’s primary focus on the investment side of his business has always been to generate cash flow with a secondary focus on long-term appreciation. His investment philosophy is to hold a real estate investment through at least one economic cycle.  


I wasn’t confident in my ability to manage properties for others until I started dealing with what I’ll call the trainwrecks. 


08:25: Replacing W2 income with real estate investments

10:40: How third party management helped Kyle weather the last recession

15:35: The art of dealing with challenging assets

18:50: Kyle’s big tennant red flag

21:20: Holding assets through one economic cycle

23:50: Shifts in the Virginia market with recent market changes

27:30: Finding investment opportunities in strategic ways

Guest Website: https://www.krsholdings.com/

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