#534 Advanced Tax Planning for Your Real Estate Investments

Our guests for this week’s show are real estate tax experts, Matt MacFarland and Amanda Han 

They are co-founders of Keystone CPA. Matt is Executive Managing Director and Amanda is Assistant Managing Director. Matt and Amanda are also the co-authors of “The Book on Tax Strategies for the Savvy Real Estate Investor: Powerful techniques anyone can use to deduct more, invest smarter, and pay far less to the IRS”.


One of the most common myths that real estate investors have (especially those who are just starting out) is not understanding what they can write off as a tax deduction. 


03:30: How Matt and Amanda landing on focusing their practice on real estate

05:25: How the rich can legally not pay income or capital gains taxes

12:40: Planning ahead for recapture with your investments

14:55: The most tax-efficient asset classes

17:05: Changes coming our way through the 2023 tax plan (and those that didn’t come to pass)

19:55: Clever way to writing off write off real estate expenses on behalf of your children

Guest Website: https://www.keystonecpa.com/

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