#561 Using Alternative Investments to Navigate the Current Real Estate Market

Jack Krupey has been investing in both real estate and distressed debt since 2001. An entrepreneur by nature, Jack decided to start JK Asset Management to focus on alternative assets such as value-add multifamily real estate. He then launched a Diversified Real Estate Fund in September 2020 and just launched a 2nd Diversified Fund. Jack specializes in tax-efficient real estate syndications and other alternative investment vehicles. In addition to his real estate investment activities, Jack is also the host of the Alternative Investor Mastermind podcast. 


A well executed business plan that factors in higher rates, that has a true value-add component should be profitable regardless of whether rates are up or down.


07:20: How Jack draws on his past career in distressed debt for his current investments

09:02: Jack’s predictions on how interest rate hikes will impact the market

10:55: Identifying the right sponsors for your alternative investments

10:05: How Jack’s model has changed over the last year

17:10: Competition for deals in the multi-family space

19:30: Investor behavior in the current market

22:05: What Jack is most excited about in the coming year

Guest Website: https://jkaminvestments.com/

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