#660 Unlocking the Secrets of Luxury Short-Term Rentals — with Alex Jarbo

Join us as Alex Jarbo, the visionary founder and CEO of Sargon Investments, takes us on a journey into the world of short-term rental resort development. With an MBA in real estate development, a distinguished history as a Marine, and a prominent presence in the real estate investing community, Alex shares his expertise in a special episode. Discover how he masterfully manages his current and upcoming luxury short-term vacation rentals, including an exciting treehouse project.

Dive into the world of short-term rentals with Alex Jarbo on the YouTube channel “Alex Builds,” and gain insights from the industry’s best.


“I hate it when I talk to someone and I’m like, “Oh what business are you in or what type of real estate they’re in and they say, “I’m in AirBnBs.” That’s the wrong answer. What I say is I’m in vacation rentals, short term rentals, or what I started saying in the last six months is, “I’m in hospitality.”

“Every single one of your guests is an influencer, because they have their own following.“


7:50: In a post-COVID word, what is the revenue like in short term rentals?

12:30: From an owner’s perspective, is there distress in the market where you can’t meet payments and expectations?

19:40: Alex talks about his treehouse community project

24:00: What amenities do people expect in addition to the “experience?”

27:30: How to navigate uncertainties in the capital marketplace with new opportunities

Guest Websites: alexjarbo.com



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