#690 Unlocking Profit: Transitioning from Homes to Vaults – Self Storage

Our guest for this week’s show is real investment estate expert, Paul Beets. Paul is the founder and CEO of Bigger Garage Capital, an investment firm focused on value-add self storage investments throughout the country, with a concentrated emphasis in the Midwest. In addition to his real estate endeavors, Paul is an engineering executive with GM who possesses more than twenty years of international leadership experience.

Quote: “As I moved up through the ranks (at GM) I had to spend less time with my family… I had a breaking point where my wife was in labor with our second child and I was in the corner on a conference call with Chrysler executives; I said ‘this is not the way I want my life to go.”


1:00: Paul Beets’ background.

3:30: Transitioning from residential to self storage.

18:32: How do you stay competitive against large competition?

26:37: Keeping up with pricing in a market place (price guidance).

35:03: Is the market softening in 2024?

37:55: Get connected with Paul Beets

Guest Website: https://www.biggergarage.capital/

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