Cash Flow Friday Tip #1: The 3 Most Effective Strategies for Improving Your Rental Collections

NOLOstudios-8In this inaugural episode of the Friday Cash Flow Tip we discuss the topic of rental collection and I share with you 3 of my proven strategies to make sure you’re putting the most money into your pockets each and every month.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How to choose your tenants wisely
  • Why eviction checks sometimes fail
  • Why you should never believe your applicants previous landlord
  • How to enforce a rent payment policy
  • Why paying your tenants to leave is sometimes the best solution
  • How to help your tenant find the money to pay the rent that’s due
  • How to use subtle scare tactics to get your tenants to pay up
  • and much more

Our Guest

  • Yours Truly

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