Cash Flow Friday Tip #10: How to Sound Like a Pro When Talking to Brokers

NOLOstudios-8In this week’s Cash Flow Friday tip I’d like to talk about how to come across as a pro when cultivating relationships with commercial real estate brokers. If you’re currently not using brokers to help bring you deals then you’re probably missing out on some good opportunities. You see, great brokers are masters in their marketplace and particular asset class and can introduce you to deals that the rest of the population doesn’t know about yet because they’re off-market and unlisted properties.

Now, the challenge with finding brokers who will add you to their so-called pocket listing database is proving that you’re a real player and that you can execute if the broker sends a good deal your way.  If you already have a track record then this is easy because the proof is in the pudding, but if you’re new to the business or maybe this is your first commercial deal, then you’re going to have to prove yourself in order to help this relationship develop with these brokers and the first step to doing this is by learning to sound like a pro when you speak with them.

In this week show I’ll be sharing my 3 part strategy that you must master in order to start cultivating those valuable relationships with brokers.

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