Cash Flow Friday Tip #16: The secret for finding Self Directed IRA money for your next deal.

NOLOstudios-8In this week’s Cash Flow Friday tip I’m going to share with you an easy method for finding individuals with Self Directed IRA’s who can make ideal candidates for becoming an active investor or private lender for your next deal. Unfortunately, we can’t just go and purchase a list of names and mailing addresses from a list broker for these individuals who have self directed IRA’s as that would be too easy and everyone would be doing it already. What we can do though is use this little secret method that I’m going to teach you in today’s show to find those who have self directed IRA’s and who are already actively buying or lending on real estate using their IRA which means they already know the benefits and are essentially semi-warm leads or prospects. What does all of this mean for you? Well,  this means  you’ll be able to directly target millions of dollars of self directed IRA funds which can act as an excellent source of capital for your RE deals.

So, in today’s show,  I’ll  break down this process for you into 4 simple steps. Enjoy!

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