Cash Flow Friday Tip #19: Why CAP rate isn’t king and can sometimes be misleading

NOLOstudios-8In this week’s Cash Flow Friday tip we’re going to talk CAP rates and why you as an investor need not to get too hung up on this arbitrary number when looking at deals…especially value-add deals. This topic comes as a direct result of a deal our company has been pursuing now for the past few weeks and just got an accepted offer on. I’m going to provide the background of the story regarding this specific deal so you can fully understand why if you were only searching for deals based on a specific cap rate you probably would have passed on this property and you wouldn’t be alone because I’m sure there are many others who passed on this deal I’m about to tell you about in today’s show.

Also, I wanted to give a shout out again to Marco Santarelli from Norada Real Estate Investments for his contribution to the topic we covered in last week’s cash flow Friday tip #18. If you haven’t had the chance to listen to it I suggest you go and check it out, and if you’re not familiar with Marco’s blog be sure to go and have a look because it’s chalk full of incredible information regarding real estate investing and you can check it out by going to Norada Real Estate

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