Cash Flow Friday Tip #23: No doesn’t mean “NO” forever when it comes to making offers on properties

NOLOstudios-8In this week’s Cash Flow Friday tip I want to talk about the offer making process when buying income properly and why it’s vitally important for you to have systems and processes in place to continually follow up with sellers and property owners “After” your initial offer was declined or after you lost a property to another buyer.

Let me tell you exactly what I mean by this. You see, being that we are all human and our lives are forever changing, circumstances have a tendency to change from day to day which means that although a seller might have declined your offer on Tuesday doesn’t mean that their circumstances might change on Friday which will make them a more motivated seller. Throughout my 15+ years as an investor this theory has held true time and time again which has allowed me to buy multiple properties from owners who originally declined my original offer. Most investors take the approach of “once and done” and will completely lose interest in a deal if their original offer gets declined which is the complete wrong approach to take.

So here’s what I want you to take away from this week’s tip. Whether you’re dealing with a broker or directly with a property owner it’s your duty as a savvy investor to stay in constant contact with them after your initial offer was declined and this can be through either email or phone and it’s up to you to choose the one that best suits that particular relationship. And with technology setting reminders for this type of activity are super simple by using many of the free CRM software systems available on the market, your smartphone, or even the old school method of writing it down in a planner. I don’t care how you track it as long as you actually do it.

I can promise that if you’ll significantly increase your number of accepted offers if you use this one simple technique, plus it will win you a ton of brownie points with brokers if it’s a listed property. So as soon as you finish listening to this podcast I want you to create your follow up plan or system on how you plan to stay in touch with brokers or sellers who have declined your initial offer.

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