Cash Flow Friday Tip #31: How to uncover dangers during your due diligence that could cost you massive profit losses.

KevinBuppThis week I’m going to tell you about a Mobile Home Park that we’re currently in contract on and the important details we uncovered during our due diligence by speaking with a few of the key city employees and why it’s important that you never skip this step.

As we do with every property we plan on purchasing, we scheduled a phone or in-person meeting with the key representatives in the town or city where this property is located and these people include: code enforcement, admin to the mayor, zoning, and the chief of police. It’s amazing the things that you can uncover when you approach these individuals as a prospective new buyer for a property that’s within their jurisdiction, especially if the property is one that they perceive as an eye sore to the community or a waste of valuable community resources.

Well, let’s get straight to the point, I’m going to tell you the two things we uncovered on a property we are in contract with that will have a drastic impact on our future plans.

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