Ep #1: Frank Rolfe on Achieving Massive Cashflow with Mobile Home Parks

frank-rolfe-bioFrank Rolfe has owned over 110 mobile home parks and is the 18th largest mobile home park owner in the US. Someone with that level of experience obviously has a ton of massively valuable information to offer to investors.

Because of this, he’s started Mobile Home University, a resource with videos, articles, and in person training events designed to help investors from the very beginning of their careers all the way through to the upper echelon of experience avoid the pitfalls that so many investors make.

In this episode, Frank bares his soul regarding some of the highest value guidance I’ve ever heard regarding investing in mobile homes.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • The most powerful method of determining the right park size for you (hint: it’s NOT based on your available capital!).
  • Where to find the best (and cheapest) financing.
  • The biggest thing to look out for as mobile home park investing goes forward.
  • What you could learn from a Mobile Home University Boot Camp and whether it’s worth the investment.
  • The best pieces of advice you could possibly receive from one of the biggest mobile home investors in the world.

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