Ep #101: How to Use Direct Mail Marketing to Grow Close More Real Estate Deals and Explode Your Passive Income – with Craig Simpson

Our guest for this week’s show is the nation’s leading Direct Mail Expert, Craig Simpson. Being that marketing is a core element for any real estate investor who is looking to build and maintain a deal pipeline, direct mail is by far one of the best marketing methods around, that if executed correctly, can help you do more deals and beat out your competition. And today Craig and I discuss how to get started in successfully integrating direct mail into your business NOW.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How Craig got started in the direct mail business and quickly became known as the leading expert within the industry.
  • How to properly tailor your copy or sales message so that it properly resonates with the person receiving it.
  • Why it’s critical that you track and test all of your direct mail efforts…even if you’re receiving what you feel is a strong response rate.
  • The importance of having a clean list and why this simple step can save you thousands over time.
  • Why a sales letter without a call to action is like a ship without a rudder which means you really need to have a strong call to action in every mail piece you send.
  • When using teaser copy on the exterior of a direct mailer makes sense.
  • Why you are leaving money on the table if you’re not sending at least 3 follow up mailers to the same list.
  • How to get discounts on the cost of postage which can lower your postage per piece from $0.49 per stamp to as low as $0.26 per piece.
  • Why the quality of your mailing list is everything and why I’d rather have a high quality 250 person list vs. a 25,000 person list.
  • The importance of sending a follow up thank you letter or gift to prospects that you weren’t able to complete a deal and how this one simple act could easily turn a dead lead into a deal.
  • And much more

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