Ep #102: CRE Industry Veteran of 38 Years Shares the Success Formula he’s Used to Acquire More Than 10 Million sq. ft. of Real Estate in Chicago– with Al Klairmont

Our guest for this week’s show is Commercial Real estate Investment Expert, Al Klairmont.  Al has more than 38 years of industry experience and a long track record of success in the Chicago area. In today’s show, Al shares with us the core philosophies and investment strategies which have played a major role in getting him to where he is today. Al and his group currently own 100 Office, Retail, and Industrial properties in the Chicago area with more than 10 million square feet of leasable space. If that doesn’t impress you then how about if I told you that out of all 100 properties he only has very minimal leverage or debt and owns most of it free and clear with no outside equity partners.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How he got his start in the Real Estate business after college and the valuable lessons he learned by managing his father’s small commercial rental portfolio.
  • Why he attributes a large piece of his success to the brilliant staff he has surrounded himself with at Imperial Realty.
  • How Al has adapted over time to the changing real estate cycles which has allowed him and his company the ability to prosper both in up and down markets.
  • The philosophy which he adopted from his father in which they implement an accelerated pay down plan to all properties they acquire and how this has proven a successful model through the numerous decades.
  •  Why his group caters towards distressed value-add commercial properties versus stabilized properties.
  • The numerous reasons he feels that the office building sector is by far the most difficult to own and operate efficiently and is the exact reason why he and his team like distressed value-add office deals.
  • Why he feels that you should never buy based on the current performance of a given property but more so how the property will perform in the future.
  • Why he feels very strongly that if you want something done correctly then you need to supervise the person or persons responsible for completing the task or project.
  • The reasons he suggests that all Real Estate professionals need to become masters at the art of sales and negotiation.
  • And much more

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