Ep #109: How to Create High-Quality Deal Flow by Implementing a Laser Focused Direct Marketing Campaign – with Eric Stark


Our guest for this week’s show is Real Estate Investment and Direct Marketing Expert, Eric Stark.

Today’s discussion with Eric is an exciting one, and I say that because I wasn’t completely sure what to expect as I didn’t know too much about Eric prior to the call other than he was a very successful investor whose primary focus was residential properties, so I thought. And being that our show is primarily focused on Commercial I wasn’t sure exactly how our conversation would go, but boy am I glad we did the call together, because not only is Eric a brilliant businessman and marketer, but he also has a portfolio of multifamily and commercial properties which means he is the exact type of guest we look to bring on the show.

I personally walked away from this interview with Eric with multiple golden nuggets which we’ll be immediately implementing into our business and I’m positive you’ll find the same value as I did, and then some.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How Eric got his start as a residential wholesaler back in 2008 during the financial crisis and how leveraged that down market to grow his real estate business at a very rapid rate.
  • How he’s combated a highly competitive marketplace by implementing an aggressive direct mail strategy, which has proven very successful in creating a steady stream of deal flow to his business.
  • The reasons he recommends sending a highly personalized direct mail letter to a very small list versus a generic form letter to a massive list and how this one strategy has continued to bring incredible results for his business.
  • How successfully negotiate and strike a deal with an owner who is not money motivated and whose property isn’t even for sale.
  • What a “top 100 list” is and why Eric suggests every investor needs to create this list for themselves.
  • The custom website tool that Eric includes on all of his mailers which offers free education to the property owners regarding the benefits of seller financing. He’ll share the url so you can check it out for yourself
  • How he uses a pre-recorded message to warm up cold leads and also offer an easy way for property owners to get more information about Eric’s business without having to speak to a live person.
  • The letter he sends to surrounding property owners once he’s purchased a property within the same neighborhood and how this one method alone has resulted in multiple additional acquisitions for Eric and his group.
  • How Eric was able to turn a disgruntled property owner who was sick and tired of receiving his direct mail into a friendship that has brought him multiple investment opportunities, capital for deals, not to mention a mentor who had 50+ years of experience in the industry and who has become an invaluable resource to Eric and his team.
  • Why Eric loves the Detroit market and the reasons he says that you should add it to your list of “cities to consider investing in”.
  • The important role a mentor played in Eric’s overall success and why he feels that a good mentor is critical to your success in this business.
  • The one Dr. Seuss book that Eric suggests will change your life and is one of the best business books he’s ever read.
  • And much more

Our Guest

  • Eric Stark

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