Ep #111: From Limousine Driver to Nationally Recognized Real Estate Developer Whose Work and Vision Helped Revitalize an Entire City


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Our guest for this week’s show is Commercial Real Estate Developer and Investor, Dick Anagnost.

In today’s discussion with Dick, we’re going to discuss how he’s gone from Limousine owner/operator to being the president and CEO of a highly successful full service commercial real estate firm located in Manchester, NH. Dick has become an expert at re-positioning old rundown historic buildings and re-purposing them for uses that meet the needs of today’s businesses and consumers. Dick’s progressive vision and unconventional thinking was the main driving force, which brought downtown Manchester back to its former glory.

My time spent with Dick was both inspiring and motivating as it shows that hard and work and perseverance truly does win at the end of the day. And it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or are already an experienced real estate investor, I’m positive that you’ll thoroughly enjoy and gain a ton of value from our discussion together.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How Dick got his start in the limousine business and how this business was the catalyst to his foray into the commercial real estate industry.
  • How the lack of a mentor caused many unnecessary mistakes during his start in the industry, which is why he strongly suggests that all new investors/developers find a mentor when getting started.
  • The process of unconventional thinking and forward vision that Dick and his team use to identify historical repositioning opportunities.
  • How Dick was able to persuade the city of Manchester to provide the necessary financing for a few of his first redevelopment projects.
  • How to perform a feasibility study on a historical redevelopment project to understand the overall viability of a potential project.
  • Why being a developer is one of the most risky endeavors a real estate investor can embark on, but can also be one of the most rewarding.
  • Understanding the capital stack that is involved when using federal government funds for these historical repositioning.
  • The reasons why Dick feels that real estate developers are a dying breed and why this shortage represents an opportunity for the younger generation.
  • Tips and strategies that Dick would give a new aspiring developer who is seeking an experienced mentor to help guide them down this path.
  • How not keeping up with current trends and the changing needs of the consumer can often mean certain death to a real estate developer.
  • And much more

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