Ep #116: The Lessons Learned After Buying a Mostly Vacant 92-Unit Apartment Building as His Very First Mulitfamily Deal – with Andrew Cushman


Our guest for this week’s show is Multifamily Investor and full-time syndicator, Andrew Cushman.

In today’s show, we’ll be speaking with Andrew in detail about how he went from being a full-time chemical engineer to a full-time multifamily syndicator who has amassed 1,470 doors in just over 5 years.

Andrew will share with us intimate details on his first deal, which was a 92-unit apartment in Macon, GA that was 75% vacant and the lessons he learned from this first experience. He will also share the exact systems and processes that he uses to find deals in todays marketplace so that you can replicate these same ideas in your own business. Andrew’s story is both inspirational and motivating as it truly shows what true grit and raw determination can afford us in this business. I’m positive that you’ll enjoy and gain huge amounts of value from our show today.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How Andrew transitioned from being a chemical engineer to a full-time fix and flip real estate investor before deciding to focus on syndicating multifamily properties.
  • Learn about the trials and tribulations he experienced with his first multifamily deal, which was a 92 unit property in Macon, GA which was 75% vacant at the time of purchase and more than 2,700 miles away.
  • How he was able to continue to thrive as an investor, even during the downturn of 2007 and 2008.
  • How he found his first mentor who trained him in the multifamily space.
  • How he found funding for his first multifamily deal through the relationships he had built while fixing and flipping residential homes.
  • Why he’s attracted to the Southeastern states and feels there are multiple secondary and tertiary that are experiencing positive growth.
  • What underlying fundamentals Andrew looks for in the markets he invests in. For example; population, median house prices, median incomes, crime rates, job growth, etc and which websites he uses to perform this research.
  • The step-by-step process he goes through to find high quality property management companies in markets where he has no presence or existing relationships.
  • What relentless persistence means to Andrew and how it took him 4,576 calls to get his first deal.
  • And much more

Our Guest

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