Ep #118: Learn About this Little Known Alternative to the 1031 Exchange called the Deferred Sales Trust and How it Can Be an Absolute Game Changer to Your Real Estate Business


Our guest for this week’s show is Deferred Sales Trust Expert, Richard Hershey.

In today’s show, we’ll be speaking with Richard about this 1031 exchange alternative called the deferred sales trust. If you’ve ever been involved in a 1031 transaction before then you know that the short time constraints can be absolutely nerve wrecking and a failed 1031 can leave your money tied up for up to 6 months, and worst yet, a failed 1031 means that all those capital gains you were trying to avoid paying will now be fully realized. Well, welcome to what I’d like to refer to as your 1031 plan B. Whether you’re a new investor or seasoned pro, I’m positive that you’ll get a ton of value from my interview with Richard today.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • What exactly a deferred sales trust is and how this estate planning instrument can offer you an alternative to a 1031 exchange and actually become a “plan B” or failsafe in case you encounter a failed 1031 exchange,
  • The benefits of being able to purchase investments other than just real estate from your sales proceeds by use of the deferred sales trust. These investments could be bonds, stocks, annuities, etc.
  • The costs and fees associated with this type of structure.
  • How, we real estate investors can use this as a strategy when dealing with sellers who don’t have an interest in buying more property and who also have a fully depreciated asset that will have some major tax consequences should they sell. In my business I deal with a lot of mom and pop sellers who are in this exact scenario where a deferred sales trust would be the perfect way for them to sell their property without having to exchange into another active real estate investment while still mitigating their exposure to uncle sam.
  • And much more

Our Guest

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