Ep #129: Preparing for the Coming Market Shift and Building a Cash Flowing Portfolio That Can Withstand Any Downturn – with Matt Theriault


In today’s show we’re going to be speaking with Matt about how he got his start as a Real Estate investor after hitting rock bottom and how he has been able to build a significant portfolio of cash flowing passive real estate investments with very little of his own money and bad credit.

Matt holds a very diverse portfolio of investment types including multifamily and single family and shares with us the many reasons why he prefers the diversity of owning both types. In addition, he also shares with us his unique perspective on the shirting real estate cycles and how he and his team are both adapting and preparing for a future correction. And in case you are familiar with who Matt is, he’s a fellow podcaster who runs numerous real estate related podcasts, with the most popular one being Epic Real Estate Investing.

I actually recorded this show with Matt a few months back and so you’ll hear us talk about a few things that are a little dated like the election, which hadn’t happened yet. I’m absolutely positive that you’ll gain great value from our show together as I know I did.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • How Matt got his start in the Real Estate business with little money and bad credit after losing everything in his prior business.
  • The story behind his first investment and how he took a large single family residence and converted it into a legal 4-plex and what he learned along the way.
  • The reasons he feels that the safest place to invest is in cash flowing real estate, and as long as you buy right, you should be safe even in a down market.
  • The single biggest challenge he sees new investors face who are just getting started as a real estate investor and a few suggestions on how to overcome the common hurdles.
  • The big myth behind “no money down” real estate investing and how not to get sucked up in this mindset.
  • Why he feels that the follow-up process is the most important component of the acquisition cycle.
  • The multiple “out-of-the-box” methods his team is utilizing to uncover deals in this very tight market.
  • The struggle his business experienced when their primary property management company who was managing 100’s of units for them, went belly up. Matt will share how he overcame this challenge and how his business infrastructure has changed to avoid this ever happening again.
  • How he has been able to scale his RE business to the next level by utilizing syndication and use other peoples capital to build his portfolio.
  • And much more

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