Ep #132: Building a 160+ Unit Multifamily Business While Working Full-time – with Jeff Kehl



In today’s show we’re going to be speaking with Jeff about how he got his start as a real estate investor and how he has been able to build a 160+ unit portfolio of cash flowing single family & multifamily properties all while working a full-time job as an IT consultant.

Jeff’s story is proof that it’s possible to become a successful real estate investor while working a full-time job as long as you’re willing to put in the time, get the proper education, and align yourself with the proper people within the industry. The point I’m trying to make by telling you all of this is that there are no excuses of why YOU can’t build a CASH FLOWING commercial real estate portfolio while working your current job. The proof is right here ladies and gentleman – NO EXCUSES IN 2017!

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • How he’s been able to maintain his full-time gig as an IT consultant while simultaneously buying 40+ doors per year.
  • The lessons he learned from his first larger multi-family apartment investment and how he’s applied those newly acquired skills to his business
  • The attraction to the daycare business and how this led him to owning a commercial property that is occupied by a daycare center.
  • The one BIG mistake he made when purchasing a tax deed that was a direct result of a lack of due diligence prior to purchasing the tax deed.
  • What one thing he would change about his business if he could go back and start all over again.
  • Why he feels that not using O.P.M. has stunted his growth as an investor and why he is now considering integrating this type of structure into his business.
  • What his crystal ball is telling him about the Atlanta market
  • The mistakes he’s made by not properly estimating the amount of cap-x the property will need and how he’s making the necessary changes to avoid this problem moving forward.
  • And much more

Our Guest

  • Jeff Kehl

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