Ep #144: How To Access Billionaire Investors Who are Looking to Fund Your Deals – Today We Dive Into the Topic of Family Offices and How They Can Be Great Sources of Funding For Your Deals


Our guest for this week’s show is Family Office manager, Richard Wilson. In today’s show we’re going to be speaking with Richard about his involvement in the family office space. More specifically, we’ll discuss how to tap into the funding opportunities that exist within the family office space. Are you a real estate syndicator one who is looking for private capital to fund a deal? If so, family offices need to be at the top of your list as a potential source of capital and during this call Richard will share with us everything we need to know to tap into this space.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • What a family office is and how you can leverage them as a source of funding for your RE deals
  • What kind of Real Estate deals family offices are seeking
  • How to find a list with contact information for every family office in the country
  • The minimum deal size that the typical family office looks for
  • How to network with the local family offices in your area
  • The art of the deal pitch as it relates to Family Offices
  • The two books that have had the biggest impact on his life and business and why he feels every business owner should own them
  • And much more

Richard Wilson’s Company – Website

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