Ep #190: The Little Known Secret to Legally Defer Your Capital Gains from Real Estate and Preserving Your Wealth via the Deferred Sales Trust – with Brett Swarts


Brett is the President of Capital Gains Tax Solutions, LLC, located in Sacramento, CA. Together with his team and in partnership with the Estate Planning Team, Brett provides trustee services which helps real estate and business owners gain tax deferral, freedom, liquidity and diversification with their funds so they can create and preserve more wealth.

As a trustee, Brett is passionate about educating his clients about capital gains tax deferral with a Deferred Sales Trust, how they can divest from real estate investments without a 1031 exchange and then invest back into and back out real estate at their own timing all capital gains tax deferred.

Brett and I dive deep and uncover the intimate details of this little-known capital gains tax deferral solution known as the deferred sales trust, which offers an attractive and flexible tax deferral alternative to the commonly used 1031 Exchange. In addition, a properly implemented deferred sales trust can dramatically decrease or eliminate the capital gains taxes that would otherwise be recognized in the year of the sale.

Additionally, I’ve personally found that after being involved in hundreds of real estate transactions, one of the biggest concerns that sellers face when they contemplate divesting of one of their Real Estate investments, is the significant capital gains exposure that might come as a result of the sale. In fact, I’ve seen firsthand many situations where owners of investment property feel somewhat trapped between a rock and a hard place and feel hostage to the outrageous capitals gains that they will pay in the event of a sale.

And so, in today’s show, we’re going to go into detail on how the Deferred Sales Trust might just be the miracle alternative solution to help you keep more of that wealth in your pocket when entering into a sale of a highly appreciated asset.

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