Ep #196 How to Raise Capital From Family Offices – with Richard Wilson

podcast-artwork-400In this episode of Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow, Kevin gets the chance to chat with Richard Wilson; Founder of FamilyOffices.com, FamilyOfficeDatabases.com, and expert in Raising Capital from Family Offices.

Richard’s story starts with a desire to make the Family Office industry more efficient.

On one hand, Family Offices were known to be secretive and had issues getting solid, consistent deal flow. On the other hand, Investors had a hard time finding Family Offices reliably to provide consistent deals.

Richard and his team started The Family Offices Club to help bring the two parties together, through his websites, conferences, and content.

[6:28] Richard’s Background, and Family Offices Explained
[8:28] How did Richard dominate the Family Offices Space?
[12:09] How can Real Estate Investors looking for capital find Family Offices?
[17:34] How can RE Investors provide value to Family Offices without asking anything in return?
[19:09] What are the 3 “Trust Curves” of Family Offices?
[22:40] What is the Investor Profile of a Family Office?
[25:29] What are the benefits to attending Richard’s Conferences for RE Investors?
[29:14] What is the typical amount of capital Family Offices are looking to deploy?

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