Ep #197: Understanding the Capital Stack and How to Simplify a Seemingly Complex Investment Structure – with Evan Kinne

Evan Kinne

In this episode of the Real Estate Investing for Cashflow Podcast, Kevin shares the mic with Evan Kinne, Real Estate Finance Expert and VP at George Smith Partners.

As a veteran in technology companies, Evan has advised over 20 Internet, Media, and other Tech companies on Series A-D equity capital formation and MNA.

His prior experience in finance transferred well to his current ventures as a fellow RE investor and advisor to investor groups; specifically groups of individuals looking to finance and structure large, capital-intensive projects.

Enjoy this episode as both dive into high-level discussions of RE financing.

[6:34] What is Evan’s background?
[10:44] What is a capital stack? Evan explains the foundation of structuring deals.
[16:49] The importance of relationships, and how to get investors to trust you.
[19:00] What is the general profile of the clients Evan works with?
[22:58] What is a hypothetical situation where a Co-GP will come in when structuring a deal?
[27:51] Evan shares the details of a recent RV park deal in California
[33:40] What are the two possible effects of rising interest rates?
[36:08] What asset classes are investors shying away from?
[39:11] How does Evan stay balanced in life?

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